We work with Chobani to give yogurt a seat beyond the breakfast table. One of the most versatile foods there is, we have a lot of fun with this stuff.

When Travel Portland thinks a branded video is one of the best documentaries on the local food scene, you know you've done good. 

"Living this life naturally" is best done with the locals. So we did that.  Concepting to shipping: 12 days flat.

Chobani & Target. 2 great brands with lots to do.  We created + captured some of the magic here.

Flat bread made from yogurt. In fact it's 90% yogurt, gluten free (with Chickpea flour) and it's so simple it almost makes itself.



We're not into food porn for food porn's sake. But this just felt appropriate to show the lusciousness of coconut milk. Yes, was king before the whole water thing happened.

McCormick is home to some of our most beloved spices and seasonings. When they challenged us to use extracts in unexpected ways, we let out a big holiday cheer.

Be on the look out for new tips and tricks for the other 11 months of the year.

Don't just chill, flavor with this holiday ice ring. Old school but so classic. And taste good to boot.

And you thought Pumpkin Spice was just for lattes. Unless you're one of the 1,000 people who shared this on Facebook.



A cold email to a CMO about "disrupting" La Tomatina, the reknown food fight in Bunol Spain doesn't generally get any attention. But for us it did.

While ConAgra owns about a third of every product in the supermarket, we wanted to help the tomatoes first.

Bored of yet another recipe for bruschetta, we wanted to give people permission to make some other classic and favorite dishes with a staple that often just fills cabinets. Ever made a BLT with canned tomatoes?

How about a Capreze Salad? Basil and Mozzerralla sold separately.

One pot meal using at least 3 portfolio products. Simple.

We'd never seen a recipe that called for "5 seconds of whipped cream," but we loved this as our first.  There's no question that seconds 6-10 go directly into your mouth.