Corgan, Coleman & Cohen

We are creatives, chefs, shooters, marketers and makers. And if this doesn't work out, we've got a great name for a law firm.

 Delicious Contents Executive Leadership team, setting another good example. (left to right) Colin Corgan, Todd Coleman, Jonathan Cohen

Delicious Contents Executive Leadership team, setting another good example. (left to right) Colin Corgan, Todd Coleman, Jonathan Cohen

Todd Coleman - Founder

Todd Coleman has seen every side of the food world—from behind the lens to behind the pen, the line, and beyond.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Todd was obviously (and voraciously) predisposed to a career in cuisine. But unlike some CIA grads, he didn’t veer narrowly to one aspect of the food world.

Rather, and over the course of several sumptuous years, he devoured food creatively, in almost every way possible. Among his various approaches, Todd has gotten hands-on experience and applied his CIA know-how as a professional restaurant chef and also as a private chef.

But Todd also knows how to capture food and food culture, and in that capacity, he’s acted as an editor at Everyday Food and produced shows for The Food Network.  He’s engaged and indulged his visual love of food as an accomplished food photographer, photographing for cookbooks like The Japanese Grill by Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat, and The Mom 100 by founder Katie Workman.

And for seven years, Todd coalesced his savvy as executive food editor of Saveur, running everything food, from recipe selection to test kitchen oversight. During his tenure at the magazine, Todd propped, styled, and photographed the majority of Saveur’s covers, providing additional photography for features both in the studio and on location.

Todd is no stranger on TV.  He recently won Cutthroat Kitchen and often serves as a judge on Beating Bobby Flay.  However, he may be most famous as Garlic Guy, the viral video that every foodie in the world wishes he/she had done.

Jonathan Cohen - Founder

Jonathan’s foray into food was an untraditional one.  It started as an affinity for food packaging at age 11, when he was first exposed to different varieties of Frosted Flakes (Zucaritas in Hispanic Markets.) Til this day, he still collects the UK’s Cadbury Mini eggs in every imaginable container and swears the cardboard tube is best.

The love of packaging led to product development and Jonathan worked with Brooklyn’s first Pickle-Prenuer, Rick Field and Rick’s Picks.  From managing the booth at the Union Square Green Market, to negotiating co-packing deals, Jonathan learned the retail food business inside and out.  

However,  his day job has always been one in advertising.  Jonathan began his career at Ogilvy & Mather as a Broadcast Producer where he worked with clients including American Express, IBM and Kraft.  In 1999,  he jumped into the digital world at FCB where he ran the production for all of Compaq Computer’s digital efforts.  He was building GIFs way before the cool kids.

Since then, Jonathan has led the Unilever Axe business as an Account Lead for BBH New York, served as the Head of Technology and Digital Production at DraftFCB, and before co-founding Delicious Contents, worked as an SVP, Account Director at Grey New York, Ad Age’s 2014 Agency of the year.

Jonathan is not on TV because he lisps and swallows his "L"s a bit.  It's cute but maybe not for prime time.  

Colin Corgan - CFO

When you can recruit one of Goldman Sachs' top partners as your CFO, it's a no brainer. So long as he grows his hair and starts smoking.

When asked about his new role, Corgan had this to say, "I am happy to be joining the Delicious Contents team."

That is some infectious enthusiasm coming from a numbers guy.